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A small group of people held a church service in a cottage at 542 Maryland Street, between Sargent Avenue and Ellice Avenue in Winnipeg, on 9 November 1902. Initially a mission of the Young Methodist Church, it was formally established as the Maryland Street Methodist Church (later shortened to Maryland Methodist Church) on 28 April 1903 through the efforts of local resident Mary McKillop Dunfield (1852-1930).

Architectural plans for a church building to be built at the southwest corner of Maryland Street and Ellice Avenue were prepared by Joseph Greenfield and construction commenced in late 1903. The $3,500 facility was dedicated and opened by Rev. O. Darwin and Rev. Dr. Stewart on 3 January 1904. The congregation expanded quickly to fill the church’s 350-seat capacity, and less than two years later, the building was given a $10,000 expansion based upon designs of architect Henry E. Ewart. The church re-opened on 8 January 1906.

By October 1913, with Sunday School classes being held in three nearby buildings including the Icelandic Hall at the northwest corner of McGee Street and Sargent Avenue, further expansion of the church was warranted. Three ajoining lots were purchased and construction of a wood frame structure designed by John N. Semmens began in the spring of 1914. The new $65,000 edifice had a seating capacity for about 1,200 people. In 1935, the building was refurbished, repainted, and re-decorated but, by late 1942, the building needed repairs and the United Church decided there were sufficient other churches in close proximity to serve local demand. The final sermon was given by Rev. R. E. Spence on 27 December 1942, after which the congregants dispersed to other churches. By mid-1943, the manse was sold, the bell tower was disassembled, and the church building was demolished.

A memorial tablet honouring members of the Maryland Methodist Church congregation who were killed in the First World War was unveiled on 23 May 1920 by Lieutenant-Governor James Albert Manning Aikins. Its current location is unknown.





James Wilfred Melvin (1877-1965)


Robert Erastus Spence (1867-1957)


James Charles Walker (1858-1914)


Rev. Andrew Hamilton


James Lumb Batty (1860-1922)


Rev. A. S. Colwell


Eber Crummy (1852-1939)


Rev. George L. Waite


Ernest Howard Smith (1882-1940)


Herbert Thomas Reynolds (1885-1951)


Rev. W. T. Brady

Photos & Coordinates

Maryland Methodist Church

Maryland United Church (1943)
Source: Winnipeg Tribune, 15 June 1943, page 13.

Site Coordinates (lat/long): N49.89637, W97.16016
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First World War Casualties





Birth Date

Death Date

George Herbert Armshaw
[Great West LIfe, Next of Kin]


78th Battalion, Canadian Infantry


20 March 1897

9 April 1917

Norman Harold Bell
[Ashdown Hardware]


78th Battalion, Canadian Infantry


26 January 1881

31 October 1916

John Percy Bradley
[Bank of Toronto, Next of Kin, Vimy Ridge]

Bank Clerk

44th Battalion, Canadian Infantry


31 August 1893

26 June 1917

Thomas Allan Bennett


78th Battalion, Canadian Infantry


8 April 1895

11 August 1918

Charles Lloyd Cawston DCM
[Next of Kin]


52nd Battalion, Canadian Infantry


30 April 1891

14 August 1918

Alexander Hamilton Clegg
[Next of Kin]

Soda Fountain Dispenser

5th Canadian Mounted Rifles


25 March 1897

31 October 1917

Robert Hutton
[Next of Kin]


16th Battalion, Canadian Infantry


3 February 1880

1 October 1918

Wesley Williams Irvine
[Brandon College, Hartney, Wawanesa, Wawanesa, Wesley College]


43rd Battalion, Canadian Infantry


5 April 1893

28 September 1918

George Harold Martin
[Lakeside, Neepawa, Neepawa Methodist, Newdale]

Bank Clerk, Union Bank of Canada

31st Battalion, Canadian Infantry


30 April 1897

6 November 1917

Robert Edgar Morley
[Next of Kin]


Canadian Corps Cyclist Battalion


26 February 1894

10 November 1917

John Frederick Moody
[Next of Kin]


44th Battalion, Canadian Infantry


17 June 1884

25 October 1916

Robert Neazor

Railway Clerk

Canadian Cavalry Machine Gun Squadron


16 August 1894

12 October 1918

John Orr
[Next of Kin]


8th Battalion, Canadian Infantry


10 June 1889

29 April 1917

Garfield Russell
[Next of Kin]


78th Battalion, Canadian Infantry


10 September 1895

9 April 1917

William Benner Thorne
[Next of Kin]


78th Battalion, Canadian Infantry


12 January 1898

29 October 1917

Avard Austin Wallace
[Next of Kin]


44th Battalion, Canadian Infantry


19 July 1892

11 September 1916

David Wilson
[Carman, Next of Kin, Roseisle]


8th Battalion, Canadian Infantry


3 September 1896

17 July 1915

Robert Brown Wilson

Sign Painter

43rd Battalion, Canadian Infantry


29 May 1889

21 September 1916


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