Manitoba Restoration & Conservation Directory: Cibinel Architects Limited

The Manitoba Restoration & Conservation Directory features construction tradespeople, architects, consultants, and material suppliers who are available to support heritage conservation and restoration projects in Manitoba. By compiling and distributing this Directory as a public service, the Manitoba Historical Society does not endorse the people and companies in it and will not be held responsible for the quality of materials and work.

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Cibinel Architects Ltd. is is a medium-size consulting office offering personalized service to institutional and commercial clients.

Heritage Projects

Princess Street Campus, Red River College (Winnipeg)
Wesley Hall (505 Portage Avenue, WInnipeg)
Original Building/Clark Hall, Brandon University (270 Eighteenth Street, Brandon)
Electric Railway Chambers (213 Notre Dame Avenue, Winnipeg)

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560 Academy Road, Winnipeg, MB, R3N 0E3




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