Diane P. Payment


She received an MA degree in History from the University of Ottawa and a degree in French Literature and Education from the University of Manitoba. She spent thirty years working as an historian for the Parks Canada Agency, specializing in the history of women, Métis, and the Francophones of western and northern Canada. She ws a member of the Union Nationale Métisse, President of La Société historique de Saint-Boniface (?), and a member of the Manitoba Heritage Council (2000-2013).

Her articles for the Manitoba Historical Society:

Review: Three Views of Riel
Manitoba History, Number 1, 1981

Review: Ken and Victoria Zeilig, Ste. Madeleine: Community Without a Town; Métis Elders in Interview
Manitoba History, Number 17, Spring 1989

Review: D. N. Sprague, Canada and the Métis, 1869-1885
Manitoba History, Number 19, Spring 1990

Review: Michael Barnholden, Gabriel Dumont Speaks
Manitoba History, Number 26, Autumn 1993

Dollee Chevrier (1878-1948): A Franco-Manitoban Suffragette and Modern Woman
Manitoba History, Number 44, Autumn/Winter 2002-2003

Review: Jennifer Reid, Louis Riel and the Creation of Modern Canada: Mythic Discourse and the Postcolonial State
Manitoba History, Number 64, Fall 2010

Review: Doris Jeanne Mackinnon, The Identities of Marie Rose Delorme Smith: Portrait of a Metis Woman, 1861-1960
Manitoba History, Number 74, Winter 2014


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