Tolly Bradford

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Tolly Bradford
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He holds a PhD in History from the University of Alberta, and is currently Assistant Professor of History at Concordia University College of Alberta. His work examines the ways Christianity and other forms of cultural colonialism have shaped indigeneity and colonial politics in frontier settler societies, especially western Canada. His first monograph is Prophetic Identities: Indigenous Missionaries on British Colonial Frontiers, 1850-75 (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2012). He is an Associate Editor for Prairie History.

His articles for the Manitoba Historical Society:

Conservative Visions of Christianity and Community in Early Red River, c1800-1821
Manitoba History, Number 71, Winter 2012

Christianity, Missionaries and Plains Cree Politics, 1850s-1870s
Manitoba History, Number 83, Spring 2017

Jamaica, The Atlantic World, and the ‘New System’ of the Hudson’s Bay Company
Prairie History, Number 2, Summer 2020

“Colonialism,” Power, and the Hudson’s Bay Company
Prairie History, Number 6, Fall 2021

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