Manitoba History: Number 90, Fall 2019 (Special Large Issue)

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“The Road Ahead” near a commemorative monument for Education Point School,
RM of Woodworth, August 2014

Source: Gordon Goldsborough

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Louis Riel’s Romantic Interests
by Glen Campbell and Tom Flanagan

Appendix: Did Louis Riel Father a Son by Marie-Julie Guernon?
by Tom Flanagan

Fault Lines: Race and Gender in the Fur Trade Family of Alexander Ross
by Margaret Schultz

The WSO and The Guess Who: Winnipeg Makes Musical History
by Myrna Layton

Grandma’s House: Memories of Elphinstone
by Shannon Moneo

When the City Stood Still: The Iconography of Dissent in the Winnipeg General Strike
by Wayne Chan

Jens Munk’s Journey, A 400-Year Commemoration
by Otto Christensen

Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada Marks a Century
by Kate MacFarlane

Designs for the Little Theatre: Lionel LeMoine FitzGerald and the Community Players of Winnipeg
by Michael Parke-Taylor

Book Reviews

Exhibit Review: Strike 1919: A City Divided/La Greve De 1919: Ville Divisee
by Sheila Grover and Greg Thomas

Robert Bothwell and J. L. Granatstein, Trudeau’s World: Insiders Reflect on Foreign Policy, Trade, and Defence, 1968-84
by Francis Carroll

Evelyn Peters, Matthew Stock, and Adrian Werner (with Lawrence Barkwell), Rooster Town: The History of an Urban Métis Community, 1901-1961
by Laura Forsythe

Adam Shoalts, A History of Canada in Ten Maps: Epic Stories of Charting a Mysterious Land
by Alexander McPhie

Veronica Strong-Boag, The Last Suffragist Standing: The Life and Times of Laura Marshall Jamieson
by Anne Morton

George Colpitts and Heather Devine (eds.), Finding Directions West: Readings that Locate and Dislocate Western Canada’s Past
by Scott Stephen

Lynn Meskell, A Future in Ruins: UNESCO, World Heritage, and the Dream of Peace
by Chris Wiebe

Introducing Prairie History, A New Journal for Western Canada
by Robert Coutts

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