Manitoba History: Number 84, Summer 2017

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“View of Winnipeg from the top of the Courthouse, 1875”

Source: City of Winnipeg Archives,
A569, File 1-9.

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“Evangelization, Not Legislation”: Christian Fundamentalism, The Briercrest Bible Institute, and the Politics of the Great Depression
by Nolan Brown

“Working Like Men”: Newspaper Examinations of Gender, Respectability and Mennonite Immigration to Manitoba in the Late Nineteenth Century
by Shelisa Klassen

Remembering Bob McMullin
by Myrna Layton

Sadie Grimm: First Canadian Woman Motorcycle Medalist
by Ross Metcalfe

William James Healy: Manitoba Provincial Librarian, 1920-1937
by M. Christopher Kotecki

Book reviews:

Donald G. Wetherell, Wildlife, Land, and People: A Century of Change in Prairie Canada
by Ted Binnema

Michael Payne (ed.), A Terrible & Terrifying Business: Letters Home to Dinsmore from Pilot Officer Dale Jones RAF, 1939-40
by Christy M. Henry

Sarah Carter, Imperial Plots: Women, Land, and the Spadework of British Colonialism on the Canadian Prairies
by Margaret Jacobs

David Thompson Journals (Volume 2)
by Graham MacDonald

Dale Gibson, Law, Life and Government: Settlement and Government (Volume 1) and Quarterly Court (Volume 2)
by Alvin J. Esau

Cool Things in the Collection: The Cornerstone Casket at the City of Winnipeg Archives
by Sarah Ramsden

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