Manitoba History: Number 82, Fall 2016, “Western Canada at War”

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First World War Posters

Sources: Wikimedia Commons, Library and Archives Canada, Library of Congress, Archives of Ontario.

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This special issue is prepared with financial support from Canadian Heritage.

Western Canada at War: Introduction
by Esyllt Jones and Robert Coutts

“Are You ‘Doing Your Bit’?”: Edith Robertson, Letter-Writing, and Women’s Contributions in First-World-War Winnipeg
by Andrea Martin and Tyyne Petrowski

Shifting Memories, Shifting Meanings: The Nutana Collegiate Memorial Art Gallery in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 1919-1930
by Eric Story

Conscientious Objection in Manitoba during the First World War
by Amy Shaw

Manitoba Mennonites and the State: Wartime Measures and the Influenza Pandemic in Hanover
by Vanessa Quiring

Armageddon: Western Canadian Newspapers at the Outbreak of the Great War
by David J. Gallant

“Holding Their End Up in Splendid Style”: Indigenous People and Canada’s First World War
by Karine Duhamel and Matthew McRae

The First World War and the Women of Waskatenau: The 1917 Red Cross Fundraising Signature Quilt
by Sean Moir and Anthony Worman


Sherrill Grace, Landscapes of War and Memory: The Two World Wars in Canadian Literature and the Arts, 1977-2007
by C. J. Taylor

Cynthia Toman, Sister Soldiers of the Great War: The Nurses of the Canadian Army Medical Corps and Andrea McKenzie (editor), War-Torn Exchanges: The Lives and Letters of Nursing Sisters Laura Holland and Mildred Forbes
by Dianne Dodd

Nic Clarke, Unwanted Warriors: The Rejected Volunteers of the Canadian Expeditionary Force
by Paul Esau

Frederick George Scott, The Great War As I Saw It. Introduction by Mark G. McGowan and Will R. Bird, And We Go On: A Memoir of the Great War. Introduction and Afterword by David Williams and Philippe Bieler, Onward Dear Boys: A Family Memoir of the Great War
by C. J. Taylor

Lara Campbell, Michael Dawson, and Catherine Gidney, editors, Worth Fighting For: Canada’s Tradition of War Resistance from 1812 to the War on Terror
by John Derksen

Bill Rawling, Surviving Trench Warfare: Technology and the Canadian Corps, 1914-1918, 2nd edition
by Lyle Dick

Cool Things in the Collection: The Canon Wilmot Collection
by Wayne Chan

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