Manitoba History: Number 61, Fall 2009

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German prisoners of war line up for a photograph at the internment camp in Manitoba's Riding Mountain National Park during the Second World War.
Photo credit: Parks Canada


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The Jewish Community of Winnipeg and the Federal Election of 1935 in Winnipeg North
by Henry Trachtenberg

Advocating for Manitoba Children with Mental Disabilities: Parent Associations in the 1950s and 1960s
by Christopher Adams

The Life and Work of Reverend Harry Lehotsky
by Amirah Sequeira

Riding Mountain POWs: The Teacher’s Tale
by Bill Waiser

The Geography of Bilingual Schools in Manitoba
by John Lehr and Brian McGregor

The Allmans of Colony Street: 1882-1899
by Anne Lindsay

Book Reviews:

Christopher Adams, Politics in Manitoba: Parties, Leaders and Voters
by Christopher Dunn

Gregory P. Marchildon (editor), The Early Northwest
Scott Stephen

Marlene Epp, Mennonite Women in Canada: A History
Frieda Esau Klippenstein

J. M. Bumsted, Lord Selkirk: A Life
by Shirlee Anne Smith

Cools Things in the Collection
by Scott Goodine

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