Manitoba History: Number 48, Autumn/Winter 2004-2005

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Nationalism and Visual Media in Canada: The Case of Thomas Scotts Execution
by Lyle Dick

Manitoba Bibliography / 2003
by Jim Blanchard


York Factory National Historic Site of Canada: Planning the Future for a Place with a Momentous Past
by Kevin Lunn

Revelation Hydro Kitchen: My New Electric Range Reveals the Secret of Successful Meals
by Jenara Franklin

Commemorating the Wasyl Negrych Pioneer Homestead

Hard Times for the Hardimans
by Frances Welwood

“Your Great Mother Across the Salt Sea”: Prairie First Nations, the British Monarchy and the Vice Regal Connection to 1900
by Sarah Carter


Raymond Blake and Andrew Nurse (eds.) The Trajectories of Rural Life: New Perspectives on Rural Canada
by Shannon Stunden Bower

J. M. Bumsted, Reporting the Resistance: Alexander Begg and Joseph Hargrave on the Red River Resistance
by Gillian Covernton

Patrick Douaud and Bruce Dawson (eds.) Plain Speaking: Essays on Aboriginal Peoples and the Prairie
by Renate Eigenbrod

Kazimierz Patalas (ed.) Providence Watching: Journeys from Wartorn Poland to the Canadian Prairies
by Jarett Henderson

Raymond Joseph Armand Huel, Archbishop A.-A. Taché of St. Boniface. The "Good Fight" and the Illusive Vision
by Lucien Chaput

Helen Mulligan and Wanda Ryder, Ghost Towns of Manitoba: A Record of Pioneer Life
by William J. Fraser

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