Manitoba History: Number 37, Spring/Summer 1999

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Sovereignty and the Aboriginal Nations of Rupert’s Land by Kent McNeil

“An Infamous Proposal:” Prairie Indian Reserve Land and Soldier Settlement after World War I by Sarah Carter

Historical Tour: Cork Cliff District: The Shaping of a Community by Shelly Slobodzian

George Flett, Presbyterian Missionary to the Ojibwa at Okanase by Alvina Block

The Hudson Bay Railway Survey, 1910-1911: A Memoir by W. H. Hunt (Part 1)

Edith I. Burley, Servants of the Honourable Company: Work, Discipline, and Conflict in the Hudsons Bay Company, 1770-1879 by Frank Tough

Gerald Friesen, River Road: Essays on Manitoba and Prairie History by Michael Payne

Paul Frederick Sharp, The Agrarian Revolt in Western Canada by Paul D. Earl

Gene Walz, Cartoon Charlie: The Life and Art of Animation Pioneer Charles Thorson by Marilyn Baker

John Herd Thompson, Forging the Prairie West by David McCrady

Christopher Dafoe, Winnipeg: Gateway to the West by Lewis Stubbs

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