Manitoba History: Number 30, Autumn 1995

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Methodist Indian Day Schools and Indian Communities in Northern Manitoba, 1890-1925 by Susan Elaine Gray

Manitoba Bibliography / 94 by Jim Blanchard

“Kootenai” Brown in the Red River Valley by Graham A. MacDonald

Historical Tour - Emerson: Gateway to the West by Sharon Ewens

The Historiography of Métis Land Dispersal, 1870-1890 by Brad Milne

Documents & Archives:
Reverend John West’s Collection: Much to Celebrate by Laura Peers

Christopher Dunn, The Institutional Cabinet: Governing the Western Provinces by Edward R. Schreyer

J. M. Bumsted, The Winnipeg General Strike of 1919: An Illustrated History by James Naylor

Fred Edge, The Iron Rose: The Extraordinary Life of Charlotte Ross, M.D. & Julie Vandervoort, Tell the Driver: A Biography of Elinor F. E. Black, M.D. by Patricia Jasen

C. Stuart Houston (editor) with Commentary by I. S. MacLaren, Arctic Artist: The Journal and Paintings of George Back, Midshipman with Franklin, 1819-1822 by Renee Fossett

Richard Wagamese, Keeper’n Me by Agnes Grant

Laura Peers, The Ojibwa of Western Canada, 1780-1870 by Robert Robson

Katherine Pettipas, Severing the Ties that Bind: Government Repression of Indigenous Religious Ceremonies on the Prairies by Robert Robson

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