Manitoba History: Number 24, Autumn 1992

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“An Aboriginal Past and a Multicultural Future”: Margaret McWilliams and Manitoba History by Mary Kinnear

“Only Brandon Men Can and Will Save It”: Boosterism, Brandon College, and the Crisis of the Great Depression by Tom Mitchell and W. R. Morrison

The French Presence in the West, 1734-1874 by Cornelius J. Jaenen

Historical Tour - Crescentwood, Winnipeg’s Best Residential District by Rosemary Malaher

Bison Conservation: The Canadian Story by Peter Lorenz Neufeld

A. J. Andrews to Arthur Meighen: Winnipeg General Strike Correspondence

Manitoba Bibliography / 91 by Kay M. Gillespie

“Canadians and Ukrainians Inseparably”: Recent Writing on the History of Ukrainian Settlement in Canada by Peter Melnycky

Dale R. Russell, Eighteenth-Century Western Cree and Their Neighbours by Michael B. Payne

Kerry Abel and Jean Friesen (editors), Aboriginal Resource Use in Canada: Historical and Legal Aspects by Patricia A. McCormack

Rose Potvin (editor), Passion and Conviction: The Letters of Graham Spry by Graham A. MacDonald

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