Manitoba History: Number 5, 1983

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Settler's Cart, Red River, c1870
by W. G. R. Hind

Source: Public Archives of Canada

Métis Lands in Manitoba by Gerhard Ens

Shovelling Out the Unemployed by Barbara Roberts

An Interview with Moses Neepin by Lily Wokes and Greg Thomas

A Walking Tour of Armstrong’s Point by Rosemary Malaher and Pamela LeBoldus

The Normandy Dance Hall by Myron Love

The Young Historian: Christmas at Dalnavert by Tim Trivett

Documents and Archives: The Mennonite Heritage Centre in Winnipeg by Lawrence Klippenstein


Brian Young, George-Etionne Cartier, Montreal Bourgeois. & Alastair Sweeny, George-Etionne Cartier: A Biography by W. H. Brooks

John H. Archer, Saskatchewan: A History by Sarah Carter

Cecil J. Houston and William J. Smyth, The Sash Canada Wore: A Historical Geography of the Orange Order in Canada by Graham A. MacDonald

‘The New Mayor’: Three Views of the Film by Gene Walz, William Neville & Lawrie Cherniack

Wallace Clement, Hardrock Mining: Industrial Relations and Technological Changes at INCO by Paul Phillips

Roger Hall and Gordon Dodds, Canada: A History in Photographs by John L. Finlay

David C. Jones, Nancy M. Sheehan and Robert M. Stamp, Shaping the Schools of the Canadian West by Ken Osborne

N. Jaye Frederickson, The Covenant Chain: Indian Ceremonial and Trade Silver by William Eccles

Exploring Local History in Saskatchewan & Proceedings of the Local Archives and History Conference, 1979 by Elizabeth Blight

Mary Lile Benham, La Vérendrye. George Woodcock, 100 Great Canadians. Marian Ogden Sketch, Ten Moments in Canadian History (1759-1900) by Henry Huber

Robert Bothwell, Ian Drummond and John English, Canada since 1945: Power, Politics and Provincialism by J. M. Bumsted

David E. Smith, The Regional Decline of a National Party: Liberals on the Prairies by John Kendle

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