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Manitoba 150 in the Winnipeg Free Press

War Memorials in Manitoba, An Artistic Legacy

TimeLinks is designed to help users explore themes and ideas in Manitoba History between 1910 and 1920. It provides a general overview of the period and to assist users in the selection of topics for essays and projects.

My Love Affair With Louis Riel by Lillian Gibbons (December 1969)

School Holidays 2008 by Reid Dickie and Linda Tooley

Directory of National Historic Designations in Manitoba, 2008 by Blair Philpott

Winnipeg: Then and Now by Gordon Goldsborough, Russ Gourluck, Randy Rostecki, Rob McInnes and Giles Bugailiskis

Manitoba in 3D by Gordon Goldsborough
Get out your 3D glasses! This feature is on historical photographs of Manitoba that are three-dimensional.

Homes for the Holidays 2007 by Reid Dickie and Linda Tooley

An Introduction to Manitoba Church Architecture by Doug Parsonage
This feature is a short practical introduction to the fascinating heritage of Manitoba's ecclesiastical architecture.

On the Road to Manitoba Rural Museums by Maria Zbigniewicz
This feature describes a series of road trips to some outstanding museums and historical sites in rural Manitoba, taken in July and August of 2003.

Manitoba Time Line
This time line, parts of which were published originally in Manitoba Pageant, covers three centuries of events in the history of the region that would, in 1870, become the province of Manitoba.

Winnipeg Time Line (1812-2000)
This time line, by historian J. M. Bumsted, summarizes some especially noteworthy events in the history of Manitoba’s capital city.

Red River Carts by Jim Blanchard
This feature is a collection of MHS publications on this once ubiquitous mode of prairie transportation.

Historical Walking Tours

QR Code Tours

A Short History of Brandon Railways by Lawrence Stuckey

Dugald Train Disaster

Young Historians Essays

The Poetry of A. H. R. Buller

Manitoba 1912 License Plate Project

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