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Historic Sites Scavenger Hunt

Using information available on the Manitoba Historical Society (MHS) website located here, children locate these historic sites on maps of Winnipeg and Manitoba, or on a Google map.

Children can be asked to identify the location of the historic site by town, municipality, street name and number, or by latitude and longitude. They can be further challenged to read the accompanying information to identify an interesting fact about the person or monument.

Here are some sites to get the process going. Find the site using Google Earth, by entering its location (latitude and longitude) into the “Fly to” box:

Historic Site


Interesting Fact

Bruce Park

49.87820, -97.22553


Kildonan School

49.95408, -97.09834


McKenzie House

50.12471, -99.94051


Little Britain United Church and Cemetery

50.10280, -96.94020


McLeod House

50.13646, -97.32655


Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute

49.89903, -97.16974


Cameron Consolidated School No. 406

50.29971, -99.90788


Lord Selkirk School

49.91246, -97.11300


Seven Oaks Monument

49.93206, -97.12109


Captain William Kennedy House

50.06570, -96.96970


Grant’s Old Mill

49.87934, -97.27537


Inkster House / Bleak House

49.93277, -97.12000


Page revised: 13 October 2011

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