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The functions of the Society are carried out largely by volunteers. If you would like to get involved, please contact the MHS office.


The Honourable Janice C. Filmon CM OM, Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba

Executive Committee (2021-2022)

Gordon Goldsborough OM, President
Dan Furlan, Vice-President
Gary McEwen, Past-President
Habtom Tedla, Treasurer
Carl James, Secretary
Rick Frost OM, Member at Large
Holly Thorne, Member at Large

Council (year of term end)

Wayne Arseny (2023)
Peter Bjornson (2024)
Christian Cassidy (2022)
Leona Devuyst (2024)
Harry Duckworth (2023)
Charles Huband (2023)
Jim Ingebrigtsen (2024)
Dwight MacAulay (2024)
Janis McMorran (2024)
Ross Metcalfe (2022)
Clarence Nepinak (2024)
Heather Richardson (2023)
Carol Scott (2024)
Jan Sirski (2024)
Greg Thomas (2024)

Finance and Budget Committee

Habtom Tedla, Chair
Gordon Goldsborough
Carol Scott

Nominating Committee

Gary McEwen, Chair
Wayne Arseny
Ross Metcalfe
Heather Richardson

Centennial Business & Organization Committee

Dan Furlan, Chair
Bruce Jamieson
Dwight MacAulay
Ross Metcalfe

Centennial Farm Committee

Anne MacVicar, Chair
Alfred Chorney
Denise Kolesar
Linda McDowell
Gary McEwen
Corinne Tellier

Publications Committee

Gordon Goldsborough, Chair
James Burns
Robert Coutts
Sheila Grover
Frieda Esau Klippenstein
Greg Thomas
Maria Zbigniewicz

Prairie History Editorial Team

Journal information

Robert Coutts, Chief Editor
Dale Barbour, Associate Editor (Manitoba)
Tolly Bradford, Associate Editor (Alberta)
Lynn Gidluck, Associate Editor (Saskatchewan)
James Mochoruk, Associate Editor (US Borderlands)
Cheryl Troupe, Associate Editor (Indigenous Initiatives)
Erin Millions, Artifactual Editor & Social Media
Gordon Goldsborough, Pageant Editor & Production Coordinator
Frieda Esau Klippenstein, Reviews Editor
Greg Thomas & Sheila Grover, Prairie Gazette Co-Editors
James Burns, Copy Editor
Salix Consulting & Stefanie Aniela, Design & Layout

Editorial Advisory Board

David Carr, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Sarah Carter, Department of History and Classics, University of Alberta
Ingrid Cazakoff, Heritage Saskatchewan
Kristin Enns-Kavanagh, Saskatchewan History & Folklore Society
Esyllt Jones, Department of History, University of Manitoba
Valerie Korinek, Department of History, University of Saskatchewan
James Naylor, History Department, Brandon University
Mike Payne, Ottawa, Ontario
Adele Perry, Department of History, University of Manitoba
Bill Waiser, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

McWilliams Award Jurors

Christian Cassidy, Chair
Leona Devuyst
Carl James
Ellie Longbottom

Marketing and Communications

Jim Ingebrigtsen, Chair
Robert Coutts
Gordon Goldsborough
Dwight MacAulay
Holly Thorne

Membership Committee

Dan Furlan, Chair
Wayne Arseny
Jim Ingebrigtsen
Gary McEwen

Policy Committee

Carol Scott, Chair
Gordon Goldsborough
Jim Ingebrigtsen
Bashir Khan

Program Committee

Carl James, Chair
Patricia Forsythe-Gouriluk, Multicultural Dinners
Charles Huband
Jim Ingebrigtsen
Ed Ledohowski
John Lehr, Field Trips
Bashir Khan
Alan Mason
Habtom Tedla

Historic Preservation Committee

James Kostuchuk
Wayne Arseny
Gordon Goldsborough
Holly Thorne

Young Historians

Jan Sirski, Chair
Peter Bjornson
Ross Metcalfe

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