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The functions of the Society are carried out largely by volunteers. If you would like to get involved, please contact the MHS office.


The Honourable Philip S. Lee, Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba

Executive Committee

Harry Duckworth, President
Gary McEwen, First Vice President
Carl James, Second Vice President
David Finnbogason, Treasurer
Jane Fudge, Secretary
Dennis Butcher, Member at Large
Alan Mason, Member at Large


Elected Members (year of term end)

Wayne Arseny (2017)
Dennis Butcher (2016)
Francis Carroll (2017)
Tom Ford (2017)
Jane Fudge (2015)
Charles Huband (2017)
Dr. Gwyneth Jones (2015)
Dr. Esyllt Jones (2017)
Alan Mason (2015)
Gary McEwen (2017)
Ross Metcalfe (2016)
Robert O’Kell (2017)
Heather Richardson (2017)
Carol Scott (2017)
Jim Smith (2017)
Judith Beattie Valenzuela (2015)
Joyce Wawrykow (2016)

Ex officio Members (Past Presidents residing in Manitoba)

Jim Blanchard
Dr. J. M. Bumsted
Margaret A. Carter
Alan L. Crossin
Dr. Harry Duckworth
Bill Fraser
Dr. Gordon Goldsborough
Céline M. Kear
James Kostuchuk
Dr. John C. Lehr
Dr. Annabelle Mays
David J. McDowell
Steven Place
Shirlee A. Smith
Lily Stearns
Doug Taylor
Greg Thomas

Centennial Business Committee

Dan Furlan, Chair

Centennial Farm Committee

Anne MacVicar, Chair
Dale Guy
Denise Kolesar
David McDowell
Corinne Tellier

Centennial Organization Committee

Dan Furlan, Chair

Publications Committee

Dr. Gordon Goldsborough, Chair
Robert Coutts
Frieda Esau Klippenstein
James Burns
Maria Zbigniewicz
Eva Janssen
Bill Fraser

Manitoba History

Robert Coutts, Editor in Chief
Dr. Esyllt Jones, Associate Editor
Dr. Gordon Goldsborough, Pageant Editor, Production and Promotions Coordinator
Frieda Esau Klippenstein, Book Reviews Editor
James A. Burns, Copy Editor
Krista Walters, Editorial Intern
Salix Consulting, Design & Layout

Editorial Advisory Board:
David Carr, University of Manitoba Press
Lyle Dick, Parks Canada
Jean Friesen, University of Manitoba
Jim Mochoruk, University of North Dakota
Michael Payne, Ottawa
Adele Perry, University of Manitoba

McWilliams Award Jurors

Jim Richtik, Chair
Barry Bills
Ron Kirbyson
Anne Morton

Program Committee

Carl James, Chair
Wade Cudmore
Dr. John C. Lehr
Bill Owen
Patricia Forsythe-Gouriluk, Resource Person (Multicultural Dinners)

Educational Committee / Young Historians Committee

Dr. Annabelle Mays
James Kostuchuk
Chrissie Ambrose
Jorge Rivero
Cathy Phillipson
Erin McIntyre
Nathan Hatton

Manitoba Historical Society Heritage Trust Foundation

Dr. Harry Duckworth
Dr. John Lehr
Dr. Francis Carroll
Dr. Gwyneth Jones
Carol Scott, Secretary
Shirlee Anne Smith, Trustee Emerita

Historic Preservation Committee

James Kostuchuk, Co-Chair
Dr. Gordon Goldsborough
, Co-Chair
Ross Metcalfe
Joyce Wawrykow

Page revised: 23 March 2015

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