Sommet sur le Patrimoine du Manitoba / Manitoba Heritage Summit

Sommet sur le Patrimoine du Manitoba 2022
Manitoba Heritage Summit 2022
Thursday, 13 October 2022







Drenna Lameg

Drenna LamegDrenna Lameg is a senior undergraduate student completing her honours degree in Anthropology at the University of Manitoba. Since completing her archaeological field school in 2021, Drenna has participated in excavations in Manitoba, Yukon territory, and the Northwest Territories. After completing her bachelors, Drenna plans to work in Manitoban Cultural Resource Management before pursuing a graduate degree.

Drenna has been involved with the MAS since the fall of 2021 and especially enjoys outreach events with school age youth and adolescents. She believes that spreading awareness about the importance of local cultural heritage starts with the next generation. Drenna looks forward to spending her career sharing knowledge of local history and archaeology with Manitobans.

Drenna’s presentation will highlight current research on human casts discovered in the University of Manitoba Anthropology Department’s collection, and the roles of the Morton Cranial Collection and the Charles H. Ward Laboratory in the collection, distribution, and reproduction of human remains for profit.

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