Sommet sur le Patrimoine du Manitoba / Manitoba Heritage Summit

Sommet sur le Patrimoine du Manitoba 2022
Manitoba Heritage Summit 2022
Thursday, 13 October 2022







Jo Bunka & Loretta Dyck

Loretta Dyck is a retired health care worker and has served on the Winnipegosis Historical Society’s board since 2008. Her passion for vintage clothing translates into authentic costumes for their many mannequins. She also works on displays and is a volunteer curator.

Jo Bunka is a retired teacher and has served on the Society’s board since 1987. She is a volunteer curator, supervises and orients summer students, applies for grants, and conducts research to add to their museums’ stories. She also shares local history through weekly Facebook posts.

In a town of about 617 (2016), the Winnipegosis Historical Society manages two museums: Medd House and the Winnipegosis Museum. Jo and Loretta, with help from their board and others in town, have managed to do much to help their museums become an integral and successful part of their small community.

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