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Historic Sites of Manitoba: Richview School No. 528 (Municipality of Boissevain-Morton)

The Richview School District was established in what is now the Municipality of Boissevain-Morton in October 1887 and operated until January 1968 when it became part of Turtle Mountain School Division. The abandoned school building sits forlonly in a copse of trees a little north of Highway #3. A metal sign near the highway commemorates it.

Among the teachers who worked at Richview School through the years were William King (1888), F. W. Robinson (1889), Thomas E. Lockhart (1889), Bertha Cooper (1890), Mrs. D. N. Morden (1890), Nellie Irvine (1891), Mrs. C. C. Musgrove (1891, 1894-1895), Jane McKay (1891), Nellie Irvine (1891-1892, 1894-1895), Ella Flanagan (1892), Mrs. E. Gunn (1892), Clem McGregor (1893), R. J. Cooke (1893), Helen M. Young (1896), Emily Wright (1897), Mrs. Blondheim (1897), R. J. Broadworth (1898-1899), Eva Clarke (1900-1901), Mrs. D. S. Todd (1900-1901), Laura French (1902), Mrs. Gilbert Smeltzer (1902), Sarah Johnston (1903-1904), Mrs. W. Glen (1903-1904), Nancy Morrow (1905), Gertrude Frith (1906), Mrs. William Holmes (1906), Beatrice Halls (1906), Laura Godkin (1907, 1910), Mrs. L. Miller (1907, 1910), Jennie Taylor (1908), Mrs. George McDonald (1908), Flora Reeve (1909), Mrs. Thomas Rumble (1909), Nellie Martin (1911), Mrs. N. H. Swallow (1911), Edith Bush (1911), Mrs. James Mitchell (1911), Miss C. H. McKay (1912), Barbara McEwan (1913-1916), Mrs. John Knox (1913-1916), Margaret Johnston (1914-1915), Mrs. P. Greene (1914-1915), Dorothy Ayers (1916-1917), Mrs. Parker Armstrong (1916-1917, 1925-1926), Alice Brown (1917-1919), Mrs. Dougald McDougald (1917-1919), Elsie Kerr (1919-1920), Mrs. John Yellowlees (1919-1920), Alice Ludgate (1920), Mrs. Earl Cummer (1920), Jean Little (1921), Mrs. S. A. Wallace (1921), Alma Watson (1921-1923), Mrs. Hoglund (1921-1923), Miss Riddell (1923), Jean Armstrong (1924), Ruth Holden (1924-1926), Pearl Latimer (1924-1925), Mrs. Mel Hammond (1924-1925), Beatrice Fern Orriss (1925-1926), Milton Holden (1925-1926), Evelyn Fisher (1926-1929), Mrs. Robert Wellwood (1929), Electa Graham (1929-1930), Mrs. C. Durham (1930-1931), Marguerite Hope (1930-1931), Mrs. A. McRuer (1930-1931), Nina Pearen (1931-1932), Mrs. Stewart (1931-1932), Violet Boyd (1932-1934), Mrs. Dick Parker (1932-1934), Helen Shields (1934-1936), Mrs. George Young (1934-1936), Miss Kae Nelin (1936-1939), Mrs. M More (1936-1939), Mary Rankin (1939), Alice McKinney (1939, 1941-1945), Doreen Blaker (1939-1941), Mrs. Cutworth (1939-1941), Anne Skuce (1945-1949), Mrs. Norman Spain (1945-1949), Eileen Rosen (1946-1947), Mrs. Walter Millar (1946-1947), Grace Paterson (1949-1951), Mrs. Ivan Mealy (1949-1951), Emily Holditch (1951), Mrs. Ben Chambers (1951), Margaret Stewart (1951-1954), Mrs. Raymond Shorey (1951-1954), Ina Evans (1951-1954), Ruby Drader (1954-1956), Mrs. Perry Chambers (1954-1956), Mrs. Harold Duncan (1957), Mina Williams (1957-1958), Mrs. Jake Dyck (1957-1958), Beth Armstrong (1958-1967), Isabel Martin (1958-1967), Sheila McCausland (1958-1967), Eileen Blake (1958-1967), and Mrs. Pete Franz (1958-1967).

Richview School

Richview School (no date) by W. J. Parr
Source: Archives of Manitoba, School Inspectors Photographs,
GR8461, A0233, C131-1, page 82.

Richview School

Richview School (July 1967)
Source: Archives of Manitoba, Architectural Survey, Boissevain area.

The former Richview School building

The former Richview School building (circa 1986)
Source: Historic Resources Branch, Public School Buildings Inventory, slide 774.

The former Richview School building

The former Richview School building (no date)
Source: Ed Arndt

The former Richview School building

The former Richview School building (July 2010)
Source: Gordon Goldsborough

Interior of the former Richview School building

Interior of the former Richview School building (July 2010)
Source: Gordon Goldsborough

Richview School commemorative sign

Richview School commemorative sign (July 2010)
Source: Gordon Goldsborough

Site Coordinates (lat/long): N49.17790, W100.08129
denoted by symbol on the map above


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A Study of Public School Buildings in Manitoba by David Butterfield, Historic Resources Branch, Manitoba Department of Culture, Heritage and Tourism, 1994, 230 pages.

This page was prepared by Gordon Goldsborough.

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