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Prairie History: Number 5, Summer 2021

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Prairie History #5
A portion of David Thompson’s third manuscript map of
northwestern North America
National Archives of the United

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Toppling Colonialism: Historians, Genocide, and Missing Indigenous Children
by Erin Millions and Mary Jane Logan McCallum

Feature Articles

“The Best Railway Builders in this Country”: Doukhobors in Western Canada
by Jonathan J. Kalmakoff

David Thompson’s Manuscript Maps of Northwestern North America
by Andreas N. Korsos

Prairie Pageant

History Brick-by-Brick: The Mysterious Menomonie Brick
by Frank Korvemaker

Laura Sparling Povah on Student Life in 1890s Winnipeg
by Linda Dietrick

Dr. Speechly and Jack the Ripper: A Winnipeg Vignette
by James A. Burns

Cartographic Evolution of the Manitoba Great Lakes
by Paul Ferley

Emily Waddell’s Fountain
by Giles Bugailiskis

Book Reviews

History Themed Board Games: Manitoba; Prairie Aflame!: The Northwest Rebellion, 1885; and High Treason! The Trial of Louis Riel, July 1885
by Brian Hubner

PearlAnn Reichwein and Karen Wall, Uplift: Visual Culture at the Banff School of Fine Arts
by Lauren Wheeler

Robert Coutts, Authorized Heritage: Place, Memory, and Historic Sites in Prairie Canada
by Tom Mitchell

Ryan Hall, Beneath the Backbone of the World: Blackfoot People and the North American Borderlands
by Gerald A. Oetelaar

Heidi Bohaker, Doodem and Council Fire: Anishinaabe Governance through Alliance
by Jennifer S. H. Brown

Karina Vernon (ed.), The Black Prairie Archives: An Anthology
by Adele Perry

Black Prairie Archives: Theory, Method, History, and Historiography
by Barrington Walker

Black and Indigenus Prairie Life
by Erica Violet Lee

Prairie Blackness, Home, and Belonging
by Sonja Boon

Three Stories
by Betchel Belachew


Rex v. J. B. Smith (Calgary, 1902): Queer Carnal Acts and Heterosexual Settler Colonialism in Canada’s Prairie Empire
by Jarett Henderson

Prairie Gazette

Stories from the Land: Indigenous Place Names in Canada
by Sheila Grover

“In Their Own Words”: CBC’s Video Files Capture the Experiences of Residential School Survivors
by Sheila Grover

In 2020 Canada’s History Magazine Turned 100
by Sheila Grover

Six String Nation: The Guitar that Captured Canada
by Sheila Grover

Revitalising the RCMP Heritage Centre in Regina
by Greg Thomas

Managing Water on the Prairies
by Sheila Grover

The University of Alberta‘s Plan to Demolish the Historic Ring Houses
by Sarah Carter

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