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Prairie History: Number 3, Fall 2020

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Prairie History #3
The Prairie Dog chuffs along the tracks northwest of Winnipeg
© Andrew Nelson

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The Canadian Prairies: A Boardwalk Writ Large
by Dale Barbour

Feature Articles

Sinclair Lewis, Mantrap, and Northern Canadian Modernism at Pelican Narrows, Saskatchewan, 1924
by George Colpitts

Looking Back at the 2016 Manitoba Election: The Engagement of Métis People
by Christopher Adams

Prairie Pageant

Memories of the Mid-Mountain General Store
by Shannon Moneo

Salvation of a Prairie Dog: The Survival Story of Canada's Oldest Working Steam Locomotive
by Paul Newsome

Revolutionary Revenge on the Bay, April 1782
by Merv Ahrens

World-Famous Plants from Manitoba and the Breeders Behind Them
by Linda Dietrick

A Misleading Portrait: The Provisional Government of Assiniboia and the Creation of Manitoba
by Derrick M. Nault

Book Reviews

Barbara Belyea (ed.), Peter Fidler from York Factory to the Rocky Mountains, Columbia University Press, 2020
by Ted Binnema

Tim Cook & J. L. Granatstein (eds.), Canada 1919: A Nation Shaped by War, UBC Press, 2020
by Jim Blanchard

L. K. Bertram, The Viking Immigrants: Icelandic North Americans, University of Toronto Press, 2020
by Ryan Eyford

Paul D. Earl, The Rise and Fall of United Grain Growers, Cooperatives, Market Regulations and Free Enterprise, University of Manitoba Press, 2019
by Nolan Brown

Donica Belisle, Purchasing Power: Women and the Rise of Canadian Consumer Culture, University of Toronto Press, 2020
by Béatrice Craig

Graham D. Taylor, Imperial Standards, Imperial Oil, Exxon, and the Canadian Oil Industry from 1880, University of Calgary Press, 2019
by Gordon Jaremko

Bettina Liverant, Buying Happiness: The Emergence of Consumer Consciousness in English Canada, UBC Press, 2018
by V. Michael Roberts

Esyllt W. Jones, Radical Medicine: The International Origins of Socialized Health Care in Canada, ARP Books, 2019
by Helen Vandenberg

Bill Waiser, In Search of Almighty Voice: Resilience and Reconciliation, Fifth House Publishers, 2020
by Donald B. Smith

Arthur Ross, Communal Solidarity, Immigration, Settlement, and Social Welfare in Winnipeg’s Jewish Community, 1882–1930, University of Manitoba Press, 2019
by Kurt Korneski


Layers of a Letter: Lakota History, Language, and Voices in the Archives
by Claire Thomson

Prairie Gazette

Former Portage la Prairie Indian Residential School Designated a National Historic Site
by Greg Thomas

Regeneration of Places of Faith: The Saskatchewan Experience
by Greg Thomas

Manitoba Heritage Summit: A Virtual Success
by Greg Thomas

Back Home on the Range: Bison on the Prairies
by Sheila Grover

HBC Royal Charter Exhibited in Canada
by Sheila Grover

Count the Prime Ministers
by Sheila Grover

Inuit Art Centre to Open Soon in Winnipeg
by Greg Thomas

Saskatchewan’s COVID-19 Culture
by Kristin Catherwood

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