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Prairie History

The journal Prairie History (ISSN 2562-8976 print | 2562-8984 online), published by the Manitoba Historical Society, combines scholarly articles with popular history as well as book reviews and other specialty pieces. The Prairie Gazette heritage newsletter is also part of each issue. It is the only journal in Canada to combine these diverse approaches in one place.

In 2020, Prairie History replaced Manitoba History.

Prairie History covers the histories of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta, as well as the US borderlands. Our goal is to publish the latest and best original work of young and experienced scholars, professionals and amateurs, as well as heritage news and commentaries related to archival and museum collections across the West.

Prairie History is illustrated and published in full colour, in print and digital formats.

Contributor guidelines, including formatting conventions for manuscripts, are available here.

Submissions to Prairie History are welcome and should be directed as follows:

Article type


Feature articles

Prairie Pageant articles

Prairie Gazette articles


Prairie History 11
No. 11

Summer 2023

Prairie History 12
No. 12

Fall 2023




Prairie History 6
No. 6

Fall 2021

Prairie History 7
No. 7

Winter 2022

Prairie History 8
No. 8

Summer 2022

Prairie History 9
No. 9

Fall 2022

Prairie History 10
No. 10

Spring 2023

Prairie History 1
No. 1

Winter 2020

Prairie History 2
No. 2

Summer 2020

Prairie History 3
No. 3

Fall 2020

Prairie History 4
No. 4

Winter 2021

Prairie History 5
No. 5

Summer 2021

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