Daniel S. Lenoski


He was an Professor in the Department of English at the University of Manitoba, and he served in several positions with St. Paul’s College, including Dean and Rector.

His articles for the Manitoba Historical Society:

Ronald A. Wells (editor), Letters from a Young Emigrant in Manitoba: A Record of Emigrant Life in the Canadian West
Manitoba History, Number 7, Spring 1984

Granite Lips, a Stone Throat: The Voice of the Canadian Space. Jake MacDonald, Indian River & Jim Tallosi, The Trapper and the Fur-Faced Spirits
Manitoba History, Number 8, Autumn 1984

Book Review:
Alison Calder and Robert Wardhaugh, eds. History, Literature, and the Writing of the Canadian Prairies
Manitoba History, Number 52, June 2006

Mark Moore, Saving the Game: Pro Hockey's Quest to Raise its Game from Crisis to New Heights
Manitoba History, Number 53, October 2006

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