Manitoba History: Number 62, Winter 2009

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Dancers in a street festival in Winnipeg’s
Chinatown, September 2009, overlain by a
Head Tax certificate issued by the Canadian
government in July 1912 and a
photograph of the Baldur Lee family, 1920.
Photo credit: Dr. T. Luk & Archives of
Manitoba (Chinese Historical Society Collection)


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Early Chinese Settlers in Western Manitoba
by Alison R. Marshall

“Assistant to York:” The Ambiguous Role of Flamborough House, 1749–1759
by Scott Stephen

Where the Historiography Falls Short: La Vérendrye through the Lens of Gender, Race and Slavery in Early French Canada, 1731–1749
by Karlee Sapoznik

Commemorating Thomas Alexander Crerar (1876–1975)
by Parks Canada

A Conversation with Winnipeg’s Chinese Canadian Duet
by Alison R. Marshall

Book reviews:

Nora Foster Stovel, Divining Margaret Laurence: A Study of Her Complete Writings
by Sarah Klassen

John Sutton Lutz, Makúk: A New History of Aboriginal-White Relations
by Chelsea Horton

Karl S. Hele (editor), Lines Drawn Upon the Water: First Nations and the Great Lakes Borders and Borderlands
by David McCrady

John Francis Grant, A Son of the Fur Trade: The Memoirs of Johnny Grant
by Adele Perry

Norman Knowles (editor), Seeds Scattered and Sown: Studies in the History of Canadian Anglicanism
by Stephen Sharman

Cool Things in the Collection:
William Kardash and People’s Co-operative Limited
by Rachel Mills, James Gorton and Carmen Lowe

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