Manitoba History: Number 59, October 2008

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’60s Muscle Car.
Source: Steve Mann,, #2975658, © 2008.

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The Origins of Autopac: An Essay on the Possibility of Social Democratic Government in Manitoba
by Daniel Blaikie

Life History as a Window to Understanding the Politics of Teaching and Schooling: Manitoba Teacher Sybil Shack (1911-2004)
by Rosa Bruno-Jofré

The Advancement of Knowledge in La Pérouse’s 1782 Expedition to Hudson Bay
by Denis Combet and Constance Cartmill

A Memoir of the CPR Telegraph Office
by Fred McGuinness

Prairie Monuments: A Video History of Oakville, Manitoba
by Nikki McLeod

Commemorating Margaret Newton
by Parks Canada

Manitoba’s War on Wildlife
by Gordon Goldsborough

Roblin’s Knox Presbyterian Church
by Hazel Blennerhassett

In Search of Buffalo Hair Cloth
by Laura Peers

Review: The Fur Trade in Canada: An Illustrated History by Michael Payne
by Scott Stephen

Review: Nahoway: A Distant Voice by Donna G. Sutherland
by Roland Bohr

Review: St. John’s College: Faith and Education in Western Canada by J. M. Bumsted
by Scott Stephen

Review: Widows of Hamilton House by Christina Penner
by Shelley Sweeney

Review: Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden
by Roland Bohr

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