Manitoba History: Number 19, Spring 1990

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Wesley College, no date

Source: Western Canada Pictorial Index

Ambiguous Heritage: Wesley College and the Social Gospel Re-considered by Ramsay Cook

The Garnet Wheat Controversy, 1923-1938 by Jim Blanchard

A Founding Father of Winnipeg: James Henry Ashdown 1844-1924 by Lorne A. Shropshire

Glacial Lake Agassiz by Anthony P. Buchner

The Number One Armored Train by Jim Suderman

The Naming of a Town - Melita by Rosemary Malaher

Artist with a Camera: The Photography of Peter McAdam, 1920-1940 by Ron Frohwerk

Documents and Archives: Beatrice Brigden and Radicalism in the Methodist Church by Tom Mitchell

Site Review: The Boundary Commission Trail and the North West Mounted Police: A Review of Site Development Progress by Graham MacDonald


D. N. Sprague, Canada and the Métis, 1869-1885 by Diane Payment

James Waldram, As Long as the Rivers Run: Hydroelectric Development and Native Communities in Western Canada by Robert Robson

Jennifer S. H. Brown and Robert Brightman, “The Orders of the Dreamed”: George Nelson on Cree and Northern Ojibwa Religion and Myth, 1823 by Robert Coutts

Peter Douglas Elias, The Dakota of the Canadian Northwest: Lessons for Survival by Sarah Carter

Ken S. Coates and William R. Morrison, Land of the Midnight Sun - A History of the Yukon by David Neufeld

Colin G. Calloway (editor), New Directions in American Indian History by George A. Schultz

Francess G. Halpenny, Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Volum VII, 1836-1850 by L. G. Thomas

Martha McCarthy, Grand Rapids, Manitoba by Michael Payne

Sydney Augustus Keighley, Trader, Tripper, Trapper: The Life of a Bay Man by Michael Payne

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